Fishbowl Beverage Catering provides more than product and services. We access decades of experience, and our passion for hospitality, to deliver professional, clean, and customer centric events. Fishbowl Beverage Catering will handle all regulatory hurdles (permits and insurance), and we have a vast network of partners to materialize your vision!


Vision and Execution

Every aspect of an event works in concert to the ultimate success of your event. The drink menu, and design of the bar must be in line with the theme. The layout of the bar, and proper staffing, will optimize service and flow. The passion and attitude of the bar/service staff will set the tone. Fishbowl Beverage Catering has the experience to seamlessly integrate bar layout, mixology, and professional service.



Party smart! Fishbowl Beverage Catering is licensed and experienced with working with regulatory agencies. We will process all state, federal, county, and city permits required to host your event.

Fishbowl Beverage Catering is fully insured. Our liquor liability insurance will ease your mind and allow you to focus on executing your vision. We will handle the paperwork and regulatory/ insurance requirements. Let us put our license and insurance to work for you!



While the focus of Fishbowl Beverage Catering is to execute your bar and beverage program (including layout, pos, mixology, staffing, compliance), we have significant partnerships throughout the industry. Through partnerships we can meet your production needs (audio/ visual, music/dj, security, staging), as well as your food catering needs. Whatever your needs, we have the resources to execute!